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Mika Gas Stove, Table Top, Non Stick, 2 Burner, Metalic Grey

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  1. Table Top Gas stove,
  2. Double Burner
  3. Heavy duty Non stick body
  4. Stainless steel swirl burners- for swirling flame
  5. Left: single φ90mm / Right : Double φ90mm and φ24mm
  6. Auto ignition
  7. Sturdy Pan support

Quick user guide

  1. After unpacking, make sure to assemble the parts of the appliance correctly as per the manual provided.
  2. Attach the rubber legs to the appliance by turning it upside down and screwing them into the openings on the bottom.
  3. Install the burners and place the burner heads on top of the burners.
  4. Place the trivet on top of the burner. Connect the appliance to the gas tank by using a rubber hose, and secure it with hose clamps.
  5. To Ignite: push in the gas control knob of the gas stove and turn it counter clockwise until you hear the ignition click. The flame will ignite.
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