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Nostalgia Retro Chocolate Waterfall - CWF48RR

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  • 3 LB. (48 OZ) Capacity
  • Auger Delivers Chocolate to the Top of the Waterfall
  • Turn-Dial Controls for Motor and Heat
  • Heated Base Keeps Chocolate Flowing
  • Chrome Accents
  • Use with Chocolate, Barbecue Sauces, Cheeses, and Liqueurs
  • Perfect for Dipping Fruit Pieces, Breads, Pretzels, Marshmallows and More!
  • BPA Free

Nostalgia chocolate fountain lets you delight your guests with tasty, innovative twist to dishes. This Innova chocolate waterfall is light and compact. The Nostalgia CWF48RR Retro Chocolate Waterfall creates a wall of sweetness that gives any occasion an elegant touch. Melt your favorite white or dark chocolate and pour it on its base and see the magic happen. The auger delivers the chocolate straight to the top from where it comes flowing down smoothly just like a waterfall. You can take the required amount from the flowing chocolate and spread it on your bread, fruit pieces, and much more to get lost in a chocolate fantasy.


  • Heated base
  • Turn-dial controls for motor and heat
  • Capacity: 1.36 Kg
  • Chrome accents


The Innova chocolate waterfall is a pure delight for a foodie. This machine gives you flowing chocolate to be directly used on any starter. Use dark, semi sweet, milk or white chocolate as per your liking and treat your taste buds in an elegant way. Enjoy the smooth hot chocolate as a dip or a topping on your favorite fruit salad, bread, pretzels, marshmallows, etc.

Innova chocolate waterfall


The Nostalgia chocolate fountain looks chic and has a compact structure for convenient usage and storage. The auger creates a perfect waterfall of chocolate by delivering it to the top. You can control the pace and heat of the operation by simply turning the dial control. The heated base makes sure the chocolate stays warm and flows smoothly. This waterfall does not contaminate your chocolate with chemicals as it is made from BPA free materials.

Innova chocolate waterfall